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"Du Son Dans La Roulotte !" it is, at the start, the meeting of two characters and two musical universes. Madselektov (or Madselecta) from reggae / dancehall (Maze Out Sound, Run The Track) and Selmarovic (DJ Selmar) from the French song (Un truc là qui claque). Both of them hosting their respective weekly programs on Radio Campus on the same day, it was through a discussion over a drink between two programs that they discovered a common and long-standing passion for Gypsy and Balkan music ... The idea to ​​create a radio program was spontaneous and instantaneous: less than two weeks later, they took the air for the first program "Du son dans la roulotte! (Gadjo Show)", it was in 2016 December.
The two gadje being also DJs in their respective styles so the "Gadjo Sound" version of "Du son dans la roulotte!" was the logical continuation which did not take long time to take shape and on 2017 February, they were performing for the first time at Lille's Gare St Sauveur on the occasion of the Art'n'Bass association 3rd anniversary, a memorable night!
Then they skimmed the Lille bars and all the places that wanted to hear them with their very eclectic Gypsy / Balkan / Klezmer sets.
From 2020 January, Madselektov takes the road alone at the control of his musical trailer, more motivated than ever to get on board and sail from the traditional brass band to electro and Drum'n'Bass via HipHop, Punk, Rock and even sometimes metal or reggae ... Something to satisfy all ears! His sets adapt to all types of audiences and reveal all the musical and cultural richness of this vast region in an explosive and festive mix that will wear your soles until the end of the night!



"Du son dans la roulotte !" offers you three options depending on your events, your tastes or your desires of the moment:

_Akoustik Madness: A set mainly focused on the styles played on instruments (strings, brass, winds, percussions ...) based on traditional music, brass bands, ska, punk, rock, songs...

_Full Elektro: 100% electronic music which does not forbid to mix trumpets, violins or cymbalums... Here traditional themes or composed melodies are mixed or remixed to modern electronic rhythms as Balkan Beats. A set based on hip hop, bass music (elektro, tekno, drum'n'bass ...) even goes even to psytrance or breakcore if the audience is receptive.

_Eklektik Show: The Standard! A melting pot of all the musical genres mentioned above, it is the style of set that takes place most often and that adapts to the most people.


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